Frequently Asked Questions

Why not just publish your product recommendations on a blog? 

Because it would be too long!

That's really the truth. Many bloggers have published many great lists of baby essentials, including myself. But you have to go hunting around the web for them, and then compare, and then read lots of reviews anyway. And bloggers inevitably include just the items that worked perfectly for them, though they researched many more, which might be perfect for you. 

I can save you days of research, maybe weeks. My classes include WHAT you'll need, WHY and for HOW LONG, with options at different price points and with different features. It's exactly how I would have loved to have options presented to me when I was pregnant. 

If you opt for my personalized styling services, I can talk through these options with you, or I can cut to the chase and choose one for you—I'll work with you however you prefer. 

Who is Sun + Dotter's target client? 

Any new parent who is interested in baby products that fit their style! Anyone anywhere can take my online classes through Skillshare. And in the Bay Area, my services are perfect for new parents who just need their baby gear taken care of—I'll make sure it's cool. 

Why should I pay for styling services when I could do all this myself? 

If you're reading this, I think you already know the answer—baby gear can be overwhelming. The brands are all new to you. You're not sure what's essential and what's "marketing." And all mainstream products seem to be covered in color palettes and characters that would otherwise have no place in your life. 

With a new baby (or one on the way), you have better things to worry about than reading piles of product reviews. I'll help you cut through the clutter and identify items that are versatile, practical, ethical and stylish. In other words, good for both baby AND you. 

Plus, even if you're surrounded by moms and babies, there's still SO much that we're left to learn on our own. As much as they'd like to, those friends won't sit down with you for a few hours to determine your style for baby goods or review the four top stroller options they ended up choosing from. I've created this business to use your time wisely and make your introduction to baby goods a really positive one. 

How do you know what "my style" is? 

Just like with any other design project, I'll start by helping you identify your personal style—as applied to all things baby. That may be all neutral colors, with black and white stripes and natural wood toys, or it may be bright mid-century pop art, or any number of other themes. Either way, I recommend using this style as a filter for all baby items you buy. 

Whatever your style, I'll help add a dose of cool and sophistication to all the baby products you bring into your home.

How do you select products to recommend? 

When selecting baby items, I believe in style, safety, versatility, affordability, reuse, ethical manufacturing and respect for the environment. Products with the right mix of these qualities make up my list.