Newborn Essentials 

That moment when you're working on your baby registry and question after question starts running through your mind: Will I need Newborn size or just 0-3? Swing, bouncer or both? Which stroller is best for living in a city? Really, $300 for a breast pump? 

For your pre-baby shopping list and registry, I'll help you figure out what products you need to take the best care of your little one... while also preserving your style. 

I'll take stock of how many stairs lead up to your front door, whether you have a car, how many bathtubs are in your house, how big your bathroom sink is and how much you want to spend. Then I'll personalize my product recommendations accordingly. 

With that filter, this package helps you identify each item you'll need before baby is born: Gear and wearables, plus items for sleeping, diapering, feeding, bathing and laundry. Includes the duration of how long you'll use each item, plus tips on how fast baby grows, price comparisons among disposable and cloth diapering options and even stylish infant outfit inspiration, all tailored to Bay Area vendors, resources and our chilly weather. 

My product recommendations focus on essential, versatile and ethical items that fit your aesthetic. I would love to source second-hand and consignment items for you if requested. 

2–3 sessions plus individualized research and shopping.

Deliverables: 1) Personal review of your living space, daily habits and design style. 2) Visual inspiration board tailored to your aesthetic. 3) Presentation of all hand-picked recommendations for approval. 4) All items delivered to your door.